May 31, 2013

May 15, 2013

  • ~Baked Beans On Your Burger~

    So obviously, I need to start a group entitled, “Can’t Leave Xanga Anonymous”. 

    It’s not that I can’t stand to leave, but more I can’t find the time to finish copying and pasting all my old posts. 

    Maybe this will be my last xanga post. Yes, I think so. Maybe. Don’t hold me to that.


    Anyway…..moving along…..


    I have never been more thrilled for summer break.


    My parents spent the weekend with us. It was Mother’s Day and also unofficially, Get A LOT Done Day. 

    Mom and Dad have this wonderful helping ability. They drill holes, hang things, move things,put out sod, fix the gardenia fungus, and fold clothes faster than anyone I know. 

    Let’s face it. I’m b.u.s.y.    

    …..and not that everyone else isn’t busy but I am wired in such a way that I require shut down time. If it’s not done by 8:00 at night, it’s most likely not going to get done. I have a point where I crash and say, “to he!! with it……that’ll have to wait”.

    So. Since our move, the kids rooms have yet to be totally put together and because I have Decorating ADHD, completing a room is hard to do.

    Also, I’m not truly decorating just yet…..I’m taking what we have and making things as pretty as they can be without purchasing a lot.

    I’m just as, or maybe more, irritated by things not being functional as I am them not being attractive. 

    I believe in being reasonable with how much I spend on things. I realize that “reasonable” is very subjective but the thought that is most prevalent in my head when I consider things I buy for my house is,

    “It’s all going to burn. It’s not going to last. This STUFF is not eternal. Have what you want as much as you can afford and as much as is reasonable, but more than that, WANT WHAT YOU HAVE.” 

    So, my sweet parents helped me get Jake’s room up and running. It is just what a boy’s room ought to be. (in my humble, but most always right opinion) LOL…..kidding!! 

    Filled with things he likes.  

    A bed and table that belonged to his Daddy when he was a boy,

    a dresser that his parents have used since the day they were married (with no less than four coats of paint on it),

    Craigslist lockers that actually lock so he can think he can keep his cool, secret stuff away from nosy sisters,

    a bulletin board for his WAR EAGLE paraphernalia,

    military planes and “I Want You” Uncle Sam tin posters on the wall, because he thinks soldiers are tough,

    and his tacky, but awesome, remote control cars right on top of his dresser so he can grab them in a hurry, and because he would say, “They look nice there!”. 



    AND! Mother’s Day, my kids were determined to serve us adults dinner.

    I mean, they figured out the leftovers and made menus, put on aprons, and everything. Normally, I would talk them out of this kind of thing, but they were not to be put off.

    So, we sat down at the table on the back porch and let them have at it. It felt a little like “Martinelli’s” on the Parent Trap.

    Funniest part was Brad’s reaction to the realization that he had cold baked beans on his hamburger. When he asked for a “side of baked beans”, he did not know that sides came ON or IN the entree’. …..guess maybe that’s what they do at really great restaurants.



May 7, 2013

  • ~blah and ballet~ (totally unrelated topics)

    Yes, I’m still moving blog sites, but I’m a snail…..still copying and pasting. 


    It’s rained for for three days straight. No lie. Three days.

    I consider myself to be a girl who likes the rain but I’m in desperate need of sunshine. Hoping today is the day. 

    Don’t think I’d make it in Alaska.


    All I can think about right now are the little positive sayings my Dad said so much while we were growing up, they actually made their way into my hard head.

    “Attitude determines altitude”

    “Have an attitude of gratitude”

    “Do you need a check up from the neck up?”

    “You need an ‘A.I.K.’” (Attitude Improvement Kit) -we LOVED hearing that one.

    “I feel so good, I could grab a tree and shake the world!”

    “I’ve been spit on, talked about, and laughed at, but never insulted.”


    Thanks to my parents, I have come to understand, that most times, my feelings are a direct result of my thoughts. 

    *I firmly believe this is not ALWAYS true. Clinical depression is a real issue and may need intervention beyond what you can do on your own.* 

    I’m referring to blah. gross. blue. hormonally yuck. tired. just need a short break kind of thing.

    One of the best things I’ve read in a long time about beating the “doldrums” is right HERE

    If you are a woman, mom or not, and if you ever just get emotionally gross, you must read it. It’s my current favorite. She so eloquently says what I know to be true. Read it! 


    But as for something that is NOT blah, my little, well not so little, growing up way too fast, Avery, getting ready for recital. I could write lots about what goes through my mind when I see her on stage, but I won’t. …..well maybe I will a little.

    She’s just a girl in a tutu to most people. But because she’s my girl, and I know her better than anyone, and because I think way too much, I see the beautiful complexity of who she is, and hopefully who she will become, and I marvel at her in front of a bunch of strangers smiling, doing exactly what she is told to do, with a smile on her face, without a stomach ache. 

    It’s pretty remarkable, actually.







April 15, 2013

  • ~For The Love~

    For the love of all things sacred.

    If I survive 5th grade, I will do a happy dance. 

    And maybe buy myself something.

    Oh. My. Word.



  • ~Leavin On A Jet Plane~

    I’m movin’.

    Headed over to

    I had just declared that I was too old or too lazy to change blogs. 

    Then I changed my mind. 

    Tired of constantly flirting with the idea of switching and never doing it.  

    I’m having loads of fun copying, pasting, and editing dates to my posts from 2009. 

    Haven’t spent much time looking at my page layout on blogger so if you take a peek, don’t judge me yet. I’m sure it needs fixing up and fine tuning.

    I won’t be a stranger to xanga. I love a lot of you people and plan to keep reading.





April 1, 2013

  • ~A Little Bit of Easter~


    School is NOT what I want to be doing right now. 

    1st grader is done.

    3rd grader is almost done.

    5th grader is in slow motion today.

    I sort of empathize with him…..I find 5th grade to be overwhelming from time to time. But I’m determined to let him own his day.

    He’s got to learn to take responsibility for his assignments. If he wants to let it take all day, then so be it. Painful for all of us, though some days. Good thing he’s so sweet.


    Easter weekend was restful and wonderful. My parents came up which makes all of us happy.

    As far as my kids are concerned, Grandpa and Grandma hung the moon.

    They left this morning before Reese woke up, and she cried when she realized she hadn’t been able to tell them bye.

    They absolutely love them. 




    Emma just came to the computer, saw this picture, and said,

    “Mommy, I lost grandma and grandpa.” ….when someone leave, she “looses” them. heart

    They really should move here. (hint hint)


    ~Welcome April!~

    don’t mean to wish away the present but I sure could use some summer right about now…..



March 11, 2013

  • ~catch up~

    What a month it has been!

    We moved. Not once but twice.

    Two are better than one, right? …….yes, maybe. when it comes to people for sure but when it comes to moves, I’d much rather do it once in four weeks rather than twice. 

    Regardless, it’s done and done as smoothly as it could be largely due to the help of people around us.

    My family came and camped out for two days.

    They moved boxes, unpacked and organized my entire kitchen, watched my kids, cleaned, cook breakfast, fixed stuff, dust mopped and made me smile in the midst of fatigue and a desire to sit in a corner and cry.

    And my friends! These people who are not blood kin, CLEANED TOILETS with us, moved boxes, had us over for supper, brought us supper, dropped snacks off, let us store stuff in their spare rooms, and moved our trampoline….TWICE! I am so grateful and am blessed to have such people in my life. 

    We had these people over for barbecue last night as a little thank you…..they were gracious enough to look past the still sealed up boxes scattered throughout and the lack of furniture. 

    People matter.  Stuff?…not so much.


    As strange as it sounds, Emma was just weird and out of sorts the four weeks we were in the rental. Literally, the first day we moved to our “real” house, it’s like she knew. She was immediately at home, has had no trouble sleeping in her new room, and she even has been potty training with ease since the third day we moved here. She’s as happy as a clam.

    I’ve since developed new compassion for displaced people. Having a home is something I take for granted. It’s such a basic thing and yet not everyone has this luxury.




    I love my new back yard.



                                                                                    ~Gotta nap when and where you can~                          ~Must have this sign hanging somewhere! love it~    



    ~were able to sneak in a beach trip over winter break thanks to a very sweet friend with a really great house in Florida~


    On a side note, these are some questions I’ve been mulling over:

    1. Why do people say, “an historic moment”? that seems grammatically incorrect to me. Is it? Shouldn’t it be “a historic moment”? Any english majors out there?

    It reminds me of people saying, “irregardless”……that drives me crazy. 

    2. There was recently a group of Christians, in Libya, I think it was, who were each arrested for having a cross tattooed on their wrists. A wife of one of the farmers said, “I hugged my sons and told them they would never see their father again. Then I stayed in the church and prayed until God responded and they were released because He knows our circumstances.”   That kind of faith challenges me to the point that I can’t shake her quote from my mind. Is it possible to have that resolve, that determination to seek God until He moves while we live in such prosperity and freedom? I think it is, I just wonder if I do. And if I don’t, how do I?


    my treadmill is in my school room/office. very accessible. just have to turn it, unlock it, plug it in, and get on it. 

    it’s staring at me condescendingly. i have one hour before gymnastics and dance. that’s just enough time for a jog and a shower. 

    Hope your Monday is WoNdeRfuL!!








January 21, 2013

  • ~My Number 3~


    How do you capture the essence of one who is so dear to everyone she meets?

    I don’t think that is an arrogant comment because I take no credit for who this little girl is.

     She simply is precious. Not perfect but very dear.




    She came out…..her……she was born with a twinkle in her eye.

    Designed by an awesome Creator.

    I’ve done nothing other than try to keep her from seriously injuring herself.



    See, this is the one who would walk up door jams, go up the stairs on the outside of the rails, climb trees higher than I could, and has little to no fear.

    She’s hard to keep still, which is why, when I was thumbing through these pictures, I noticed there are about as many of her upside down as there are right side up.




    ~She is the spark~The glue~


    She is an absolute gift to us and I hope that I mother her in a way that simply encourages her to be her.

    She doesn’t need a lot of tweaking.

    She loves gymnastics and jumping on the trampoline.

    She has a sweet tooth as big as her Daddy’s.

    She is usually up for anything…..full of energy…..

    and we had a hum-dinger of a party to celebrate her!



    HaPpY biRtHdaY, Reese!






January 11, 2013

  • ~this moment~

    {this moment} – A Friday ritual.

    A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

    A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

    A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.





    Inspired by SouleMama 




January 2, 2013

  • ~Jake~

    So I mentioned in Avery’s birthday post how Jake was already asking me when we could take his birthday pictures. Based on that, I assumed this “session” would be really fun and would last 25 minutes or so.


    He was sweet, compliant, as usual but very much uninterested. 

    Walking outside, he said,

    “Hey, I like just this one outfit and I think maybe we should just take one picture and that’ll be good, k?”

    Short story even shorter, 3 minutes and 27 seconds later, we were done. 




                       So here it is. My favorite shot from the seven that I took.  


    Truth be told, I can’t blame him. It was cold, windy, and there were more fun things to do at the moment.


    There are hardly words to express how I feel about this boy of mine. 

    He is a kindred spirit.

    He’s SO much like me.

    He’s not quite as stubborn as I am and is more of a pleaser….that’s the proof he is his Daddy’s child.

    He’s 11, now, you know, and it’s almost as if overnight, he’s hit this infamous pre-teen phase. 

    Not so much in attitude but more in the things he notices. The questions he asks. (yikes)

    We’ve had discussions just this week that I did not expect but am so happy they happened.

    I’ve heard you better hope your kids talk to you when they are 9, 10, and 11 while they still think you are cool.

    I’ve seen communication doors open between us that I’m so grateful for.

    You want to know your child is sensitive to right and wrong.

    You want your child to have the courage to be honest with you.

    You want your child to know you accept them and love them right where they are.

    You want them to know that there’s no question, embarrassing or not, that you will be uncomfortable with. 

    The ugly truth is that your son, no matter how “protected” they are, absolutely, for certain, will face things you wish they didn’t.

    This I’ve learned first hand. And oddly enough, it may come from where you least expect it. 

    Is he equipped?

    Are you training him, not to exist in utopia, (because that’s worthless)

    but to excel in a culture where there is little to no sensitivity to right and wrong?

    Is he being told what is normal and what is unacceptable?

    You can’t assume he is getting the truth unless YOU tell him.


    I’m well aware that I cannot make Jake’s choices for him. He knows he is accountable for his own decisions.

    But I can do my part…which is to teach him not control him. I can encourage him to be a man of good character. 

    I can tell him if he sometimes feels like a salmon swimming up stream, that’s a good thing. There is a time to be counter-culture.

    I am less concerned about his actions as I am with getting to his heart. What is underneath it all?

     I know that my teaching days are numbered. I will love him, mistakes and all. 

    I will be an example of forgiveness and grace but will always hold him to a high standard. 

    I refuse to be lazy, to not direct him toward the truth, or to concede that he will be a casualty in the war on integrity. 


    Jake, I love you more than you know. You are a great kid.

    I love watching you play the guitar and I’m excited to see you step up your golf game. 

    Cameron says you have an incredible swing…..and he would know.

    Your laugh is contagious. You would eat peanut butter sandwiches every day if I would let you.

    You love Nerf guns, legos, and making paper airplanes. 

    You NEVER miss Monday Night Football’s “Come on Man” segment.

    Speaking of which, I would LOVE to know how you remember that ALL on your own…’s like an internal alarm goes on at about 7:30 p.m. every Monday.

    You have grown by leaps and bounds in the area of responsibility and independently handling your school obligations.

    I sometimes say that you are a man trapped in a boy’s body. 

    You are serious and sometimes slow to forgive yourself.

    This week, in one of our late night conversations, you said, “It’s a shame you can’t change the past”.

    I love your sensitive spirit and your tender heart.

    Don’t labor under the expectation of perfection. 

    Believe that you have the power to decide your thought processes.

    I am proud of you and the young man you are becoming.

    Dad and I are committed to you, warts and all. We are blessed beyond measure that God gave us you.

    Happy late 11th Birthday!